St George residents get the chance to target speeding drivers in their community

20mph limit in st georgeSpeeding traffic is a major concern for many people living in St George and a topic frequently raised at Neighbourhood Forum meetings. 

And now local people are being invited to take effective action against offenders, with the support of Avon & Somerset Police and Bristol City Council.

Community Speed Watch involves local people being trained to carry out speed checks from locations they have identified and had agreed and risk assessed by the police.  Details of speeding vehicles are forwarded to the police and a warning letter is sent to motorists who have flouted the limit.

Equipment is loaned to volunteers by Bristol City Council. Ideally three people are needed on a Speed Watch session – one to use a clicker to count all vehicles and use the speed gun, another to act as observer and the third to note the offending vehicles’ registration numbers and other details.

Two people who will be targeting the Crews Hole area have already received Speed Watch training.  If you are interested in joining them or covering other parts of St George contact PC Brett Worthington on the police number 101.