Road is now closed to cyclists and pedestrians amid fears it could collapse at any time

klston feb 9 009High fencing is being installed tomorrow on the A431 outside Kelston Park where the road is slipping away in the wake of heavy rainfall.

Bath & North East Somerset Council said today that due to further ground movement and following ongoing investigations, the road was being closed to pedestrians and cyclists as well as vehicles “in the interests of public safety”.

The council closed the road to traffic on 17th February to investigate the subsidence and has said the landslip is worse than originally feared. It is still active and the ground is continuing to move.

There are concerns that the closure could last for months. The Crown pub at Kelston has erected signs saying that it is still accessible from the Bitton side, while the Upton Inn at Upton Cheyney has also been publicising the fact that it is open. Upton Inn landlord Jamie Pike said: “The road into Bath is closed but all the roads leading to The Upton Inn are open.”

The closure has led to diversions and very long delays at peaks times this week on the A4, the Keynsham bypass and the Willsbridge Road into Keynsham.