Redevelopment scheme of Kingswood pub site sparks traffic, parking and heritage loss concerns

Objections have been pouring in after plans were unveiled to turn The Old Flowerpot Inn in Kingswood into a 125-space children’s day nursery with four new homes at the rear.

Concerns about the new housing and proposed nursery, which would have 30 full-time staff, include the impact on traffic, parking and the loss of yet another Kingswood pub.

The proposed two-bed, three-storey houses would face, and be accessed from, neighbouring Station Court, and would have rear gardens.

Comments posted on South Gloucestershire Council’s planning portal include: “This is an exceptionally busy main route through Kingswood, I live very close to this site and trying to get out at the junctions along this stretch is already extremely dangerous. The garage opposite, when having cars delivered, parks the transporter on the main road directly outside the pub, blocking the road. The increased traffic that this would create with the number of vacancies they are offering for children is ridiculous.”

Another said: “The Flowerpot has been my local for 30 years and to think this area is in danger of losing yet another pub is frankly outrageous. So many pubs in the vicinity of Kingswood have been lost over the last decade … We cannot afford to lose another pub (which is a two-bar establishment, very rare nowadays) from our locality, especially one which holds such an iconic and affectionate place in the history of Kingswood. Also, it is a totally unsuitable place for a day nursery. A very busy road and inadequate parking would prove chaotic at delivery and picking up times.”

Study of the accident records on the A420 within 100 metres either side of the site access within the last five years shows that there have been three injury-recorded accidents, including one fatality in 2017, although none relate directly to the pub site access.

The council’s transport department has commented: “Notwithstanding the fact that the site is in a sustainable location, given the large scale of the proposal, it is felt necessary to take steps in order to manage the parking situation at this location and in order to maintain road safety.

“The applicant would be required to make sufficient funds available to the council in order to implement the necessary Traffic Regulation Order for a waiting restriction at this location.”

Flowerpot Properties Ltd is the applicant. Council planners are due to make a decision this autumn.