Part of Warmley Golf Course earmarked by the council for potential development

Half of the old Warmley Golf Course is being earmarked for potential development.

South Gloucestershire Council has just published the outcome of its most recent Call for Sites exercise to identify land that could be considered for future growth and development – and part of the old golf course (pictured above), along with the adjoining Suez recycling and recovery depot at Cowhorn Hill, is one of five sites that the council owns or part-owns and has put forward for consideration.  The future use of all five sites is “to be confirmed”.

Two of the sites involve third-party land – one being part of the old golf course described as “Land at Brereton Way (including Cowhorn Hill Depot) Tower Road South” and the other is Frampton End Farm at Frampton Cotterell.

The former golf course, particularly well-used by dog walkers, runs from near Brereton Way in Cadbury Heath down to the depot. It is next to Cadbury Heath Skate Park and the allotment site run by Oldland Parish Council.

The Week In has previously reported on the council’s hopes of relocating the waste vehicles at the Cowhorn Hill to the Carsons Road waste and recycling  centre at Mangotsfield. The old civic buildings at the Cowhorn Hill site were demolished last year.

The additional three council-owned sites being submitted are Leigh farms I and II at Pucklechurch, land at Berrows Mead in Rangeworthy and land at York Gardens in Winterbourne.

The council is in the process of preparing a new Local Plan for the district, which will direct housing growth and identify areas where land can be allocated for business growth, as well as the transport and infrastructure needed for new development.

It says that by proactively putting the five sites forward, it will be able to influence what is done with the land, rather than have the market lead, which could result in speculative development.

Meanwhile all the sites submitted for potential development have been processed and added to an interactive map on the council’s website –

The map showing the sites in pink put forward for possible development

Under Government planning rules, sites can be proposed by anyone, including the landowner or a prospective developer, and being on the online map does not automatically mean a site will be taken forward, or that planning permission will be granted.

The council says all the sites will be assessed and considered against priorities for the new Local Plan and the council’s objectives for achieving net zero carbon by 2030. Any which might be suitable will be publicly consulted on.

Like they did during the Call for Sites in 2018, developers are putting forward Green Belt sites for development, including parts of Hanham (including the Hanham Hills), a large swathe of land to the north of Warmley, land at Shortwood and Bridgeyate, fields off Barry Road in Oldland Common and land to the west of Pucklechurch.

A large chunk of Green Belt land at Bitton is on the map this time, showing fields around Springwater Farm for possible housing while the nearby site of the derelict greenhouses at Brewery Hill, (see the picture below,) is listed for potential “residential, community, retail, sports /open space”.

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