Road safety improvements near Lyde Green Primary School move a step closer

Willowherb Road

People who responded to a consultation about improving road safety near Lyde Green Primary School have come out largely in favour of the proposals.

There has been a long-running campaign to tackle speeding along Willowherb Road in Lyde Green. South Gloucestershire Council aims to provide a safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists to cross the road whilst reinforcing the effectiveness of existing traffic calming to ensure the 20mph zone is self-enforcing.

A total of 58 people and organisations responded to the questionnaire, with 91% supporting the council’s scheme as a whole; 86% backed the proposed parallel crossing north of Newlands Lane and 84% supported the proposed speed table with informal pedestrian crossing facilities north of Hawthorn Way.

The proposed pedestrian refuge south of Hawthorn Way was backed by 88% of respondents and 91% were in favour of the proposed zebra crossing east of Pennycress Close.

The measures, which have been developed with input from local councillors, will form part of the ‘Linking the Greens’ scheme to enhance and promote sustainable travel and cultural links between Lyde Green and Emersons Green. The communities are separated by the A4174 Ring Road.

During the consultation a number of points were raised including the potential to extend road markings to discourage parking inappropriately, and the use of guard railing on the eastern side of the refuge.

The council says these ideas will be investigated at the detailed design to confirm if they are suitable and the scheme will be legally advertised.