Flooding could hit Monday rush-hour traffic in Crews Hole and other parts of Bristol

crews hole riverBristol residents have been warned about the risk of high tides on Sunday and Monday.

The River Avon is expected to overlap its banks in places – including Crews Hole Road – due to high spring tides and a small tidal surge.

Bristol City Council says this is likely to be at a similar level to that experienced in January and February and will cause some transport disruption, particularly during the morning rush hour on Monday, but significant flooding of property is not expected.

The high tide times are:
• Sunday 2 March: 7.50am
• Sunday 2 March: 8.13pm
• Monday 3 March 8.33am
• Monday 3 March 8.54pm

Avon Crescent is closed to all traffic and pedestrians from today until at least 11am on Monday 3rd March and the flood barrier is in place again.

Traffic management officers will be monitoring other key areas including Crews Hole Road between Blackswarth Road and Lower Conham Road, Cumberland Road from Cumberland Basin to Mardyke Ferry Road, the river side lane of the Portway from Cumberland Basin until just past Bridge Valley Road and Cattlemarket Road between the A4 and Albert Street. The Cumberland Basin car park will be closed from tomorrow.