Developer steps up efforts to build on the outskirts of Lyde Green

The private lane crosses the dramway path

A developer is trying to build homes on land close to the new Lyde Green estate on a site that is not earmarked for development in the masterplan for the area.

The outline planning application lodged with South Gloucestershire Council this month is for nine houses and improved access and parking on a paddock at The Rosary at Cattybrook Road North. It is a designated Site of Nature Conservation Interest.

As the map below shows, it is close to the David Lloyd Leisure Centre and also to the landfill site at Shortwood Quarry. The photograph shows where the private lane leading to The Rosary crosses the old dramway, which is a spur of the Bristol & Bath Railway Path.

The application is from Staple Hill soft furnishings business Top to Bottom Ltd. An initial application was made by Frank Francis from the company last May but as the council had still not made a decision by December, his agents lodged an appeal with the Secretary of State.

The agents say: “The concerns raised previously on this scheme have been addressed. We would like the council to reconsider the scheme and if it can be viewed favourably, we would withdraw the current appeal. The scheme provides housing in a sustainable location in land which is no longer considered to be ecologically sensitive and there are ecological gains to be had should the scheme be permitted.”

Vehicle access to the site is via Cattybrook Road North and a private road leading around the south and west of the landfill site.

In a report written in response to the first application a senior South Gloucestershire Council engineer said: “Because this part was not allocated for development in the Emersons Green East development masterplan, no vehicle or suitable pedestrian and cycle access has been provided.” Access would be from the unlit dramway or public right of way paths across fields which lead to the nearest bus stops on Willowherb Road.

He added in his report: “Although it is this nine-dwelling planning application that is being considered in this application, it is of concern that the surrounding area may be considered available for development in the future which could result in an unacceptable number of dwellings accessed from a private road. I would in that event recommend a comprehensive access strategy to provide an adoptable highway link to the EGE highway network.”

Emersons Green Town Council objected to the plans last year, saying the site is not part of the Emersons Green East masterplan and would lead to an over-development of the area. It added: “The ongoing problems of the nearby landfill site have not yet been resolved and could have a detrimental effect on the proposed new residents.”

The Environment Agency has been investigating complaints about odour in the Emersons Green and Lyde Green area in recent years. It has said that it could be a combination of sources causing an impact and last year confirmed that gas was escaping from the landfill.

The latest planning reference is P21/00896/O for anyone wishing to find out more and comment on the plans. The council aims to make a decision by 13th April.

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