Crews Hole on fresh flood alert this weekend


The Avon at Crews Hole is expected to top its banks this weekend

The Avon at Crews Hole is expected to top its banks this weekend

Bristol residents – including those in Crews Hole – have been warned about the risk of flooding over the weekend.

A combination of a series of high tides combined with weather conditions are likely to lead to vulnerable stretches of the Avon topping the banks, says the city council, affecting the riverside path at Crews Hole and Crews Hole Road.

This is likely to be at a similar level to that experienced at the beginning of January and will cause some transport disruption, although significant flooding of property is not expected.

Bristol is on an ‘amber’ warning for tidal flooding on Saturday and a ‘yellow’ warning for tidal flooding for the rest of the weekend. Bristol is under a ‘yellow’ severe weather warning for heavy rain from tonight and we are also likely to see some strong winds up to Gale Force 7.

The council’s Highways and Traffic, City Docks, Flood Risk Team and Civil Protection Unit are co-ordinating a plan of action for the weekend and gullies and drains in known hotspots have been cleared.

Road closures will be put into place before the highest predicted tide from 7am tomorrow (1st Feb) and removed as soon as the water clears on the following roads:

  • Crews Hole Road between Blackswarth Road and Lower Conham Road
  • Cumberland Road from Cumberland Basin to Mardyke Ferry Road
  • Cattlemarket Road between the A4 and Albert Street.
  • The river side lane of the Portway from Cumberland Basin until just past Bridge Valley Road. The whole of the Portway may be closed if the river rises higher than predicted.

Any residents who do suffer flooding or find fallen trees or heavy branches should contact the council’s emergency control centre on 0117 922 2050.