Bridge being considered amid speculation that Kelston Road could be closed for a year


Could a bridge be erected here?

Could a bridge be erected here?

The idea of installing a temporary bridge while the Kelston Road is closed is being considered by Bath & North East Council.

It comes amid speculation that the A431, which has been closed to through traffic since last month because of a landslip, might not reopen for a year, double the estimated time that engineers had predicted.

A council spokesman said today that the exact length of the closure would not be known until next month: “The council are currently awaiting the results of borehole tests and excavations at Kelston Road as part of developing a long-term solution to restore the road.

“We are looking at the feasibility of a temporary bridge structure and have appointed experts to carry out this work.  Any solution chosen that bypasses the fault needs not only to be safe and capable of withholding the volume of traffic, but also needs permission of the private landowners who own the adjacent land.”

South Gloucestershire councillor for Bitton, Erica Williams, was meeting businesses affected by the Kelston Road closure today to see what could be done to help. The high volume of traffic in local lanes, some of which is travelling at speed limit, was also on the agenda, particularly in the wake of the horrific accident in Marshfield Lane at Upton Cheyney in which a horse was in collision with a car and had to be destroyed.

Cllr Williams has already called for more widespread signage to help local firms struggling because of access issues and has spoken to the council’s valuation office to try to gain rate reductions for them.