Almost 400 job-seekers apply to work at new Waitrose in Keynsham

The Co-op in Broadmead Lane is due to close next month

The Co-op in Broadmead Lane is due to close next month

Waitrose has received 389 job applications from people keen to work at its new store that’s opening in Keynsham in March.

The roles were advertised for the first time on 20th December and the window was closed on 12th January following an overwhelming response.

The supermarket chain has been looking for full-time and part-time staff to cover a variety of departments in the new store – the site of the current Co-op at Broadmead Lane.

Waitrose will now go through the applications before inviting candidates to local interviews in early February when more than 100 roles will be allocated. Applicants include local unemployed people and candidates put forward by Jobcentre Plus and council initiative resources. Local training and recruitment company N-Gaged has also been helping Waitrose to recruit staff.

Nigel Keen, Waitrose’s director of development, said: “We have had a phenomenal response and we are really encouraged by the calibre of applications we’ve received. We are grateful that so many people are eager to work for our business, and look forward to a successful future at the Keynsham store.”

The Co-op is trading as normal until 27th February.  The store will then close and it will take an estimated three weeks to convert it to a Waitrose.