Storms wreak havoc with emergency call-outs to Kingswood, Pucklechurch and Pensford

fireengineAvon Fire & Rescue Service Control room received more than 20 calls for assistance during yesterday’s high winds and heavy showers.

For a period of around five hours, 22 calls about trees down, unsafe structures and arching cables were taken by staff.

At 1.37pm two fire engines from Speedwell Fire Station were called to Courtney Road, Kingswood after a tree fell onto a garage and another tree close by was also unsafe and on the verge of falling down.

Firefighters investigated to ensure no one was trapped in the garage.

At 1.32pm a fire engine from Yate Fire Station and the turntable ladder from Temple Fire Station were called to Parkfield Road, Pucklechurch to secure a flat roof which had come adrift in the wind.

At 2.46pm crews were called to Hanham Road in Kingswood, to secure loose roof tiles.

And a woman in her 30s was rescued from her car after it became stuck in flood water in Stanton Lane, Pensford at 3.13pm. When crews arrived they found a Nissan Navarro vehicle in water which was approximately one metre deep. Two firefighters trained in swift water rescue techniques and wearing dry suits waded out to the vehicle. They then carried the woman to safety. She was cold but otherwise unharmed and did not go to hospital. A man in the vehicle was unharmed.

An Avon Fire & Rescue Service spokesman said: “We would like to remind people to take care when driving in bad weather. Never drive through flood water as it could be much deeper than you think and there may be strong currents which could affect your vehicle. If you do find yourself in this situation dial 999 and ask for the fire and rescue service. We have the equipment and training to deal with incidents of this nature.”

Other calls included unsafe signs,TV aerials in precarious positions and roof tiles falling from buildings.