Privacy and Cookie Policy


Keynsham & Saltford Times Ltd. t/a Privacy Policy

We, at The Week In treat the privacy of our visitors with the highest importance. This policy details the measures we take to preserving and safely guarding your privacy when you visit or communicate with our site or personnel. Regular updates of the Privacy Policy are completed, requiring you to check back on this Policy from time to time.

1. Information about you and how we use it
We hold information about advertising clients and individuals or organisations who are involved in the compilation of our editorial content.

2. Advertising clients
This information is supplied by the client in the course of placing an advertisement and is used for financial record keeping and the maintenance of the advertising contract. We consider these to be legitimate interest and will only contact you in relation to these issues. We will only use this information for the above purposes or if, as a result of developments within our business, we believe that contacting you will be in your own interests.

You have the right to ask us to stop contacting you and to remove your details as long as there are no outstanding financial issues with Keynsham & Saltford Times Ltd.

3. Editorial contacts
Contact details are not held centrally but by the relevant journalist. This information is considered a legitimate interest for both Keynsham & Saltford Times t/a The Week In as well as the contact. No details will be shared with any outside body unless the contact has specifically agreed to a request.

4. Marketing and passing on of information
Other than in the instance highlighted above, we will not use any information we hold for any purpose other than the legitimate interests described. Under no circumstances will we share your information with any outside body.

5. Website cookies
We use cookies on our website. The information is gained in a statistical manner for our use or advertisers on our site. Data gathered will not identify you personally. It is strictly aggregate statistical data about our visitors and how they used our resources on the site.  No identifying personal information will be shared at any time via cookies. You may elect to decline all cookies via your computer.

6. Responsible persons
The person responsible for personal data held by Keynsham & Saltford Times Ltd t/a The Week In is the Managing Director, Stephen Rodgers. If you wish to see, correct or delete any of the information described above, you can email him at or write c/o 8 Temple Court, Keynsham, Bristol. BS31 1HA.