Up to 3,000 people reported at rave

Police are bringing a massive illegal rave near Bath to a close, with reports that noise from the illegal event has been heard this morning in Keynsham, Bitton, Oldland Common and Longwell Green.

There have been reports that 3,000 people are at the event in Upper Swainswick and the police 101 lines have been very busy.

The police say that this summer they are working with communities to tackle the disruption caused by unlicensed music events and raves which may not have plans in place to keep everyone safe or to minimise disruption from noise and increased traffic.

If it is suspected that an event is being set up they can intervene early on to prevent it. People are asked to look out for the signs – an event being promoted on social media, vans unloading sound equipment and more and more people gathering. Call 101 straight away with as much information as you can about the people and vehicles involved.

Police especially urge farmers and landowners to review their security measures.