Stockwood man and his brother jailed for aggravated burglary

Brothers Robert and Craig Dorrington

Brothers Robert and Craig Dorrington

A Stockwood man and his brother have been jailed for aggravated burglary, after they attacked a man with a hammer in his home last summer.

Robert Dorrington, 46 of Ladman Road, and Craig Dorrington, aged 48, of no fixed abode, were this week sentenced to eight years and nine years respectively for aggravated burglary. Both brothers pleaded guilty.

On the evening of 14th June, Robert Dorrington and Craig Dorrington went to the victim’s home in Hengrove and attacked him, punching him repeatedly in the head and also striking him with a hammer on his head and back.

The attack left their victim with a fractured skull and eye socket, as well as numerous bruises to his arms and back. It was witnessed by the victim’s 16-year-old son, who called the police.

Robert Dorrington said when interviewed that he was upset that the victim was having a relationship with his ex-wife.

Detective Constable Stephen Shallcross, who led the investigation, said: “This was a particularly nasty and violent attack against an innocent man who was watching television at home on a Friday night.

“What made it worse is that the victim’s 16-year-old son witnessed this attack on his dad.

“We arrested and charged both offenders within two days of the offence and the significant sentences they’ve been handed show that violent offenders in Bristol will face the full force of the law.”