Staple Hill turns to Bristol artists to help promote the high street after lockdown

Jayde Perkins’ artwork

Staple Hill will be adorned with window art next week, thanks to an initiative from the Chamber of Trade in an effort to entice shoppers back to a high street that has been hit hard by lockdown.

Well-known Bristol artists will be doodling in more than 20 shop windows.

The theme will be ‘Staple Hill Welcomes You’ and each of the four artists involved will interpret this theme to their own style.

Georgina Dawson

Georgina Dawson’s artwork

On Monday 12th April, artists DC Guts and Georgina Dawson will get the ball rolling with shops along Broad Street and Victoria Street. On Tuesday April 13th and Wednesday 14th, shoppers will see James Yeo and Jayde Perkins decorating windows from one end of the high street to Page Park.

Trader Tina Lewis, from The Beauty Spot, said: “Our traders are really excited about this project and hope it will make shoppers smile as they pass by.

“It will be a unique experience to watch the artists in action and a beautiful sight when finished. We have all struggled this past year. We want to show our local customers we missed them.”

The four artists were selected from more than 30 applicants. Their backgrounds are diverse. James Yeo is well known in Bristol for his work designing the beer cans for Left Handed Giant.

Jayde Perkins has made the now iconic ‘Resist Amazon, Shop Local’ posters that can be seen across the city. DC Guts is in the top 20 of the POSCA Artist of the Year competition while Georgina Dawson’s work can be seen in murals on houses across Totterdown.

There is a renewed sense of enthusiasm among traders to do as much as possible to attract shoppers back to the high street and is hoped this will be the start of further art projects including a Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival in August.

DC Guts” artwork

The Chamber of Trade has also applied for council funding to add murals to the square on the high street.

Shoppers can enjoy the artwork in the windows from Monday until at least the end of the month.

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