South Gloucestershire Waste Strategy

South Gloucestershire Council will be holding a series of public presentations next month as it seeks to garner public opinion on its Waste Strategy for the next 6 years. The  subject will form part of the next Chase Area Forum on 7th May and Kings Forest Area Forum on 13th May.  Both events take place at the Council Chamber in Kingswood starting at 7pm. Questionnaires are also available at local libraries and One Stop Shops as well as on the Council’s website.  The deadline for responses is 20th May. Key among the questions being asked of local residents is the future of garden waste collection. Having rejected one idea to suspend all green bin collections during the winter months, the Council is asking for views on three alternative charging options; an annual £36 a year charge to keep using the green bins; pre purchased bundles of 10 sacks (£20) or purchase of ‘pay as you go’ sacks for £2.  Garden waste collection would remain fortnightly.

The questionnaire also asks local residents’ views on the future development of home composting and future kerbside collections for items currently condemned to the black bin. It also hints at following the example of neighbouring Bristol City Council and ultimately reducing the size of the black bin. South Gloucestershire currently spends £20m on waste disposal and the combined effect of a 20% increase in landfill tax next year as well as a Core Strategy commitment to  an additional 28,000 houses in the District by 2027 has formed the background to the proposals.