Shopping in Keynsham just got easier

emptyMeasures to stop B&NES council staff clogging up Keynsham car parks have come into force today and civic enforcement officers have been out and about to ensure the ban is being obeyed.

This was the scene in the Civic Centre car park at 9am today – not even a quarter full. Usually by that time most of the spaces have been taken but with permits not valid any more, there are plenty of spaces for short-stay shoppers, which the council has acknowledged are critical to the success of local businesses.

From today council staff permits will not be valid in the Civic Centre, Ashton Way, Ashton Way East and Labbott North car parks. Staff will need to use the long-stay car parks at Bath Hill East, Fox & Hounds, Labbott South and Station Road car parks.

To help reduce pressure on the car parks the council has also arranged to make 30 parking spaces available for its staff at Keynsham Town Football Club.

It is understood that there will be ‘soft enforcement’ to begin with but staff who continue to ignore the permit ban will be ticketed.