Sabotage attempts reported on Railway Path

People are being urged to be alert when using the Bristol & Bath Railway Path after reports of tree trunks and debris being placed across it at night near the old Mangotsfield Station.

One cyclist reported that he came flying off his bike at 9pm on Saturday as someone had placed four trunks across the path. He said no major damage was done but he didn’t see in time to react and avoid the blockage.

The incident had been reported to the police and the reference number is RAC-QYXAP.

This and similar incidents have been flagged up on Facebook.

One person said that while out for an evening run at the end of last week along the same stretch, someone had laid a large amount of debris and most of an old tree across the path, blocking it entirely.

He stopped and as he started clearing it he saw a young boy lad in a black hoodie run away.

Someone also shared a report of three boys aged about 12 or 13 recently seen placing wooden pallets and tree trunks on the road at nearby Rodway Hill.