Prime Minister’s midnight visit to Asda in Longwell Green as part of his 36-hour non-stop tour of marginal seats

asda warehouseThe Prime Minister has paid a mid-night visit to Asda in Longwell Green as part of his final push for power.

David Cameron’s visit to the Kingswood constituency was part of his 36-hour non-stop tour of key marginal seats.

Traditionally Kingswood  is  won by the party that also wins the election and the result is expected to be very close, with Labour’s Jo McCarron hoping to oust Chris Skidmore from the seat he has held since 2010.

The Prime Minister donned a high-vis jacket when he visited staff in Asda’s warehouse, before holding a private meeting with workers on the night shift, when issues including childcare and tax allowances were discussed.

Mr Cameron said he had come to meet people who work through the night to support their families.

Asked what difference he could make with a late-night visit to a supermarket, when voters in Kingswood have had five years to decide on his record in Government, Mr Cameron told The Week In that even at this late stage before the country goes to the polls, it was important to get across what the Conservatives had achieved.

This was Mr Cameron’s second visit of the campaign to the Kingswood constituency where Mr Skidmore is defending a slender majority of 2,445 – last month the Prime Minister was at the Bristol & Bath Science Park at Emersons Green delivering a keynote speech. In fact the campaign has seen most of the Cabinet visiting Kingswood.

Meanwhile the Labour leader Ed Miliband has visited the constituency to support Mrs McCarron, as have members of the Shadow team, including Ed Balls, Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper.