Post Office and convenience shop close at short notice

The convenience shop and Warmley Tower Post Office, on the corner of Tower Road South and Cadbury Heath Road, have closed at short notice and the postmaster has resigned.

Work has been under way this week to clear out the premises.

A spokesperson for the Post Office told us today: “Warmley Tower Post Office has been temporarily closed since 25th November due to the withdrawal of the premises.

“This was at short notice as the landlord needs to undertake essential building work. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. We are looking to see how service can be restored to the area as soon as possible. In the interim, alternative branches include Warmley and Oldland Common.”

The spokesperson added: “The postmaster has now decided to resign as the premises are unavailable. The vacancy will soon be advertised.”

The Post Office says that future provision will reflect customer numbers and usage and it may take the opportunity to establish “an alternative type of service”.

“This may be a local style branch which runs alongside an established retail shop in newly refurbished premises and creates a more modern and convenient experience for customers.”

The Week In is trying to establish if there is a date for the reopening of the convenience store.

Meanwhile regular readers will know that controversial plans to build a convenience shop on the opposite corner, next to the King Billy pub, pictured below, were submitted in the summer.

The plans involve demolishing part of the pub and building a shop on land to the side, with a new access off Tower Road South to serve a reconfigured car park.

As we reported a month ago (Issue 703) consultants for the developer Cordage Estates have redesigned the plans to try to address issues raised by South Gloucestershire Council’s urban design and conservation officers. The consultants say that road safety concerns flagged up by the council’s highways officer have also been addressed, including using smaller delivery vehicles.

Dozens of objections from local people to the initial plans were submitted along with a petition signed by more than 200 people. Many people have reiterated their concerns to the revised plans.

The council has yet to make a decision on the proposals.

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