Parents trying to arrange alternative school transport after bus is axed

A group of parents with children at Wellsway School and IKB Academy in Keynsham have been looking at a potential alternative to the 432 bus service after it was cancelled by Stagecoach West.

As we reported at the end of July, the 432 which carried pupils from Longwell Green, North Common, Oldland Common and Willsbridge, was axed, with Stagecoach explaining that since acquiring the service in 2018, it had been running it on a fully commercial basis, relying solely on ticket sales to cover the costs of operation. However, passenger numbers and revenue had declined, leading to the loss of a “significant” sum of money each day.

Stagecoach said the issue pre-dated COVID-19 and no money had been forthcoming to subsidise the service.

The parents trying to arrange an alternative told us yesterday that nothing was confirmed as yet and they stress that it is a private hire that they are looking at, not a new route.

They are hoping to book it next week and will only know the cost per person once they have definite numbers. The service would be for pupils using it every day to make it cost effective and would not be for ad-hoc use.

Any parents interested should contact Jen Jenkins on 07578 198048 or email