More problems at Keynsham development site

The latest calamity in the construction of 185 new houses at the K2 site in Keynsham was played out in front of council officials and Taylor Wimpey bosses.  As we have reported in recent editions, relationships between the developer K2 dust weband local residents in Park Road and Dunster Road have hit rock bottom since work started in earnest on the site. Problems with delivery lorries blocking the roads or ignoring prescribed access and egress routes have been coupled with complaints over working hours, noise and dust.

On Friday, B&NES Council announced they were intending to sit down with Taylor Wimpey in an effort to try and resolve the issues. A statement sent to The Week In said: “The Council has organised a meeting with Taylor Wimpey in the very near future with the aim of agreeing how best to prevent the sort of issues that have arisen recently from being repeated. The Developer is always the organisation with the most direct control over what happens on a construction site, and in this case we are hopeful that Taylor Wimpey will recognise and act upon their responsibilities towards local residents.”

On the same day, Taylor Wimpey Regional Director Philip Court arranged to meet personally with some of the Dunster Road residents most seriously affected by the issues. A request from one of them for The Week In to be present as an observer, was refused. An hour later, it transpires, he also met with B&NES Council Planning and Enforcement officers on the site.  While the three were together, the contracted road sweeping vehicle backed up and discharged its load in front of them (see below). It is not know at this stage whether B&NES is considering any enforcement action in respect of planning infringements but at least officers have been able to witness some of the problems first hand.