Mangotsfield woman prosecuted following fly-tipping at Webbs Heath

A Mangotsfield woman has been found guilty of committing waste-related offences following a fly-tip that was discovered in Webbs Heath.

Melanie Nurding, 30, of The Sidings, was prosecuted by South Gloucestershire Council’s environmental protection team after a fly-tip of household waste consisting of plastics, clothing, papers and paperwork in various bags was discovered at the entrance to a public footway next to a layby.

The court heard that the fly-tip was first discovered on 22nd November last year and when the waste was investigated by the council’s envirocrime officers, documentation was found relating to Melanie Nurding at her home address.

When council officers interviewed Nurding, she claimed that she had paid £10 to a man to remove the waste, but was only able to provide a very general description of the man.

She pleaded guilty at Bristol Magistrates’ Court last Wednesday to failing in her duty of care for the secure transfer of household waste and was fined £40, along with costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £30, totalling £155.

South Gloucestershire Council’s Cabinet Member for Communities and Tourism Cllr Paul Hughes said: “Fly-tipping is an issue that has a negative impact on our communities and local environment and we all have a responsibility to make sure that our waste is disposed of in the appropriate manner.

“Anyone that fly-tips in our area is five times more likely to be successfully prosecuted than anywhere else in the country. We have a 100 per cent record of securing successful prosecutions for this type of offence, so if you fail in your duty of care and allow rubbish to be fly tipped in South Gloucestershire, you can expect to be caught and prosecuted.”

Rather than directly issuing fly-tipping Fixed Penalty Notices, which is one tool that can be used by local authorities in some circumstances to combat fly-tipping, South Gloucestershire Council adopts a different approach to tackle the problem. The environmental protection team co-ordinates education and enforcement action, gathering evidence to pursue offenders through the courts.

Residents and businesses are advised to only give their rubbish to an Environment Agency registered waste carrier. Contractors should ensure that they hold a Registered Waste Carriers Licence and they comply with the Waste Transfer Note requirements.

Unwanted goods and household or garden waste can all be disposed of at no cost via the council’s Sort It centres.

Residents who see illegal fly-tipping are encouraged to report it at or emailing or contacting the Street Care helpdesk on 01454 868000.