Lyde Green Neighbourhood Watch plans crossing patrol on school’s first day back

Lyde Green Neighbourhood Watch is organising crossing patrols on the first day of term outside the local primary school.

Local councillors and residents have been campaigning for action to tackle the issue of speeding on roads including Willowherb Road where the school is, and there have been calls for a crossing.

Lyde Green roads have a 20mph speed limit, but local people report that many drivers travel at 30-40mph and some motorists sometimes top 50mph.

The patrols on Wednesday 2nd September will be from 8am to 9.30am and from 2.30pm to 4pm.

The aim is to slow down the traffic as much as possible to create a safe environment for the children. The volunteers taking part will also be handing out of flyers detailing what is going on and why.

People who want to get involved are asked to get in touch with Lyde Green Neighbourhood Watch via their Facebook message or email