Long delay for road repairs following contractor failure

Gareth Manson, Andy Perkins and Pat Rooney at the junction of Park View and Park Close

Gareth Manson, Andy Perkins and Pat Rooney at the junction of Park View and Park Close

Residents of Park Close and Park View will have to wait until next Spring at the earliest for their road to be resurfaced after a council contractor failed to complete the job.  The road was due to be resurfaced after local councillors successfully bid for funds. Preparatory was carried out in June councillors were told that the roads would be fully resurfaced later that month or in July.

However, three months later with the work still to be completed it emerged the contractor engaged by the council had let them down. Councillors Gareth Manson, Andy Perkins and Pat Rooney (Labour, Woodstock) said:

“We were surprised to hear that these roads had not been resurfaced and have been told that the Council has been ‘let down’ by a contractor so the job was not completed. We’ve not been told why another contractor wasn’t found to complete the work. To make matters worse, we have been told that the type of resurfacing to be carried out needs to be done in warm weather which means that residents are now likely to have to wait until the Spring before their road is properly resurfaced.”

The councillors have said that the contractor needs to be removed from the Council’s list of approved companies. They added: “This road needs to be a top priority as soon as the weather is warm enough and the contractor should not be given any further work. What this episode underlines is that attempts to drive down costs because of Government cuts is resulting in unreliable companies being given contracts and our residents are suffering because of it.”

It is understood that the particular contractor also failed to complete other jobs in the area.