Up to 204 homes planned in mixed-use redevelopment of old Kleeneze site in Hanham

A public square is envisaged at the centre of the new development

Redevelopment plans for the former Kleeneze site in Hanham – including up to 204 homes – were revealed by Homes England at an online public consultation event last Thursday.

The Government agency has drawn up proposals for a mixed use of the brownfield site off Ansteys Road which is just under six acres and has been vacant for the best part of two decades.

Tesco had permission to open a superstore on the site but in 2016 scrapped the plans and put the land up for sale. Homes England acquired it last year and because of the history of quarry and mine workings, has substantial groundwork to do this summer to make it safe for development. The buildings on the site will also be demolished.

Homes England says it will be in touch directly with neighbouring residents with details of the works.

One of the reasons why the site has been stalled for so long is believed to be because of the significant financial investment needed on the stabilisation works. Homes England is able to take on difficult sites that have not come forward in the commercial market, removing a lot of risk for developers.

The agency says the illustrative scheme presented at the consultation meeting is one way the site could come forward and is asking for feedback before putting in a planning application to South Gloucestershire Council later this year.

The plan is for a varied, vibrant new neighbourhood in the centre of Hanham, reflecting its “urban village” characteristics, such as terraced housing, warehouses and open squares.

The scheme includes:

  • Up to 204 homes with a mix of housing to reflect local needs, including 35% ‘affordable’ properties.
  • New commercial uses to support Hanham High Street. Around 650 square metres of flexible ground floor space is proposed, offering potential for employment or community uses, such as a business hub space, health, care or crèche.
  • Potential for work/live units and later living accommodation.
  • A focal green public square at the heart of the development.
  • Good pedestrian and cycle links, prioritising walking and cycling.
  • Different access points to the site to spread traffic.
  • As sustainable a development as possible.

The plans show higher buildings (up to five storeys) towards the centre of the site around the square, with lower buildings at the site edges. A row of trees along Martins Road will be protected and new trees planted on the site.

The illustrative layout

The scheme is consistent with South Gloucestershire Council’s ‘Urban Lifestyles’ approach which, recognising pressure on the Green Belt, promotes the redevelopment of brownfield sites to provide a mix of housing types and appropriate levels of car parking.

Once outline planning permission is achieved, Homes England says it will appoint a commercial development partner who will build the homes, subject to getting more detailed planning permission. A building lease agreement between the developer and Homes England will ensure the homes are built to the necessary standards and the principles of the masterplan are maintained.

If all goes according to plan, building work will start in summer 2023.

The project website is at www.ansteysroad.co.uk and a recording is due to be posted there for people to watch if they could not join the event last Thursday.

Anyone who has questions or comments can also email hello@ansteysroad.co.uk or call Freephone 0800 25 45 185 or write to the Freepost address which is Freepost Middlemarch Consultation.

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