Plans for new golf clubhouse and restaurant at Tracy Park in Wick

How the extension to the side of the manor house would look

Tracy Park Golf and Country Hotel’s £18m masterplan for the estate continues, with plans for a new clubhouse and restaurant at the Wick resort now being considered by South Gloucestershire Council.

The owners the Shaw family have said they want to turn the 240-acre estate – which is in the Green Belt and Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – into one of the region’s finest four-star hotel and leisure complexes.

Earlier this year their plans for a 120-guest wedding venue in the historic walled garden were approved.

Tracy Park has two championship 18-hole golf courses but only around 400 members, largely due to the current clubhouse consisting of a portable cabin housing changing rooms and a very small members’ bar and kitchen. The owners hope their plans for a new golf clubhouse could see membership grow to 750.

Th planning application is to demolish portable cabins including the current clubhouse and build a new clubhouse and restaurant extension with a glazed link to the manor house. The building will include improved kitchen and storage facilities, a hotel and golf restaurant and bar, plus a lift in the manor house.

Dozens of comments of support have been lodged by supporters. They include: “A beautiful and tasteful design which blends in very nicely with the surrounding buildings. It is not imposing and would provide a very much needed and long-awaited replacement for the present existing facilities which were erected on a temporary basis many years ago.”

The current clubhouse would be demolished

Another says: “Having seen how prosperous Chippenham Golf Club has become since the building of a new clubhouse a few years ago, I see this as an opportunity for Tracy Park to do the same, by giving the members a clubhouse they deserve as well as creating many employment opportunities.”

In the future there are also plans to build a new 100-bed hotel with a gym and spa at Tracy Park.

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