New dining hall planned for school after canteen’s asbestos roof collapses  

The old canteen

A secondary school in Kingswood has applied to build a new dining hall after its old canteen’s asbestos sheet roof collapsed.

King’s Oak Academy is without a canteen until a new facility is constructed, according to the planning application lodged with South Gloucestershire Council by Cabot Learning Federation.

The location of the old dining hall also posed a safety risk to students who had to leave the academy site and cross Brook Road to access it at lunchtime.

The proposed location for the new multi-use dining hall, kitchen and staff accommodation is on the main school site where five old buildings next to a staff car park are being demolished.

A report from Studio LIME Architects says: “Their condition is generally poor and have been unsafe for students to use for some time. Internally they are widely damp with the ceiling lining failing in many places. There is also a problem with infestation from insects and grey squirrels.”

Old buildings near a staff car park are being demolished to make way for the new hall

Permission to demolish these buildings has already been granted and the works are under way during the summer break to reduce the noise impact on learning.

The planning application says the proposed single-storey hall will incorporate the latest low carbon technologies to ensure the minimum environmental impact and low running costs. It will be used by the school for exams and lunches, and by the wider community as a rentable space out of hours.

The planning reference is P21/05096/F. The deadline for comments is 19th August and the council is due to make a decision by 23rd September.

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