More than 70 objections to proposed corner shop in Warmley

Plans to demolish part of the King William IV pub in Warmley and build a convenience shop on land to the side have sparked an outpouring of objections from the community.

The application for the site at the junction of Cadbury Heath Road and Tower Road South, on land deemed surplus to requirements by the pub, has been lodged with South Gloucestershire Council by Cordage Estates. There is already a family-run corner shop, incorporating a post office, on the opposite side of the junction.

A new access is proposed off Tower Road South to serve a reconfigured car park for the pub and new store. A single-storey extension would be demolished to make way for the enlarged parking area. Deliveries to both pub and the new store would be off-road using the area in front of the pub. The front porch would be removed to improve accessibility.

Because the plans submitted originally included an image showing a Tesco sign, there has been speculation that the retail giant intends to open there. However, that drawing has been updated with Tesco’s name removed (see above).

More than 70 objections to the scheme have been lodged on South Gloucestershire Council’s website highlighting various concerns, including that the area is already very well served with convenience stores, that the junction is busy and dangerous and that parking in the area will be made even worse.

Cllr Erica Williams says in her objection that there is usually at least one accident a week at the busy junction. “They may not be major accidents but still have an impact on traffic flow.” She also points out that the roads are served by four bus routes and when buses stop, there is always a tailback of traffic.

It has also been pointed out that there are flaws in the application including that it refers to Bristol City Council’s parking standards, rather than South Gloucestershire’s.

Representatives from the existing corner shop and from the nearby Jeeves convenience store attended Oldland Parish Council’s planning meeting last Thursday when a copy of a petition against the proposals, signed by more than 200 people, was handed in.

The parish council said it fully supports the objections of neighbouring businesses and residents. Planning committee chair Jon Palmer said the applicant’s case is flawed as it claims it would be meeting community needs. “It is clear from the community that they don’t want it,” he said.

In its objection, the parish council says: “The applicant’s reports fail to recognise local issues with respect to traffic, access and road safety. There is inadequate provision for parking (customers and staff) and for parking, loading and turning of delivery vehicles. The existing road layout is inadequate and this application is prejudicial to public safety on the highway.

“The proposed development is overbearing and not in scale or character compatible with the local street scene. Neighbouring properties would be adversely affected by noise, disturbance and negative visual impact. Local businesses would be adversely affected and the proposed development would undermine the village feel of the local community.”

South Gloucestershire Council is due to make a decision on the planning application by 26th August.

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