Pedestrians ‘leap out of the way’ as car is driven along cycle lane in Keynsham High Street

Shoppers reportedly had to leap out of the way when a Mini drove along the new segregated cycle lane in Keynsham High Street this morning.

The new, clearly signposted cycle lane runs in the opposite direction to vehicles in the High Street and is separated with bollards and a stepped kerb.

An eyewitness told us: “A woman drove on the pavement from the Temple Street end along the High Street cycle lane and on the pavement, causing shoppers to leap out of the way.”

The confused driver was reportedly stopped outside Parsons the Bakers by passers-by who told her to turn around.

The driver used the new cycle lane

There have been numerous incidents of people tripping and falling in the newly designed Keynsham High Street, with injuries including broken bones, sprains, cuts and bruises, as we report in this week’s edition.

Incidents have been reported on Bath & North East Somerset Council’s dedicated website page for concerns about roads and pavements.

B&NES Council says the design went through a full consultation, road safety audit and technical review and complies with relevant legislation, specification and guidance.

The council has encouraged people to use the pedestrian crossings to cross the street safely, adding: “As with any other new public realm, we will be monitoring usage as people get used to the new layout.”

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