Town council backs pump track plan for Keynsham

The town council has given its backing to the idea of a pump track for Keynsham.

Pump tracks offer a safe space for all ages and abilities to enjoy activities, including BMX bikes, scooters, skateboards and rollerblades.

Matthew Jones, from the group Pump Track for Keynsham, put their outline proposals to the town council’s meeting earlier this week to be considered as part of planned improvements to Keynsham Park, which includes the areas known as Keynsham Memorial Park, Abbey Park and Chew Park.

The group say they are open to looking at any site available in Keynsham but that as a starter, the space next to the skatepark in Memorial Park (pictured above) would be an obvious first choice to investigate.

The town council agreed to support in principle the idea of a pump track for the town, with various sites to be considered. Councillors will also arrange a visit to the Temple Cloud Pump Track.

There has been some debate on social media about the proposals with support being voiced for a pump track for Keynsham but not necessarily in the park.

One person commented on Facebook: “Already enough green space has been lost in and around Keynsham and I feel that with the added loss of space for the new transport hub in the park, to then take more for a pump track when we already have a skatepark would just be too much.”

Another commented: “I think a pump track would be brilliant for the kids to have something to do, as can be seen by the existing skatepark which is in constant use.”

Another said: “I think if Keynsham Town Council want to address anti-social behaviour, they should be looking at creating more opportunities to engage young people in sports and actives within the town and alongside the rest of the community, not pushing them out of town where they are not accessible.”

Matthew Jones said: “We presented at the town council and received unanimous support to take our project forward to understand viability and options and find a potential site in Keynsham.

“This is great news and we will now make a project plan and work alongside the councillors who kindly volunteered to work with us.”