Keynsham road safety petition being presented to council

Close to 700 people have so far signed the petition calling for the Wellsway in Keynsham to be made safer for all road users and local residents.

The organisers have thanked everyone who has signed so far and plan to present the petition to Bath & North East Somerset Council next  Thursday.

The Keynsham Road Safety Campaign launched the petition, which we featured in Issue 716 last month, to improve safety near the blind bend at Uplands following what they called more than two years of “discussions, prevaricating and empty promises” from B&NES Council.

The council currently has plans to reduce the limit from 40mph to 30mph only as far up the Wellsway as The Homestead, which campaigners fear will make the situation worse as motorists will still be accelerating out of the 30mph stretch by the time they reach the bend on the edge of Keynsham.

Campaigners want to see the speed limit reduced to 30mph right up to the edge of the town where the ‘Welcome to Keynsham’ sign is, along with flashing signs to alert motorists of the speed limit.

In their petition, which is addressed to Cllr Manda Rigby, B&NES Cabinet member for Transport, and the highways department, the campaigners also call for a pavement from Uplands to Courtenay Road so pedestrians can access the byway near the Uplands bend, which joins the Chew Valley walking routes. The byway is also used by motorbikes and four-wheel drive vehicles.

The petition is at

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