Vandalism at Willsbridge Mill

The group that looks after Willsbridge Mill says it will be extending CCTV operations after a spate of vandalism this summer.

Chair of Willsbridge Mill Community Refresh Graham Hoyle told The Week In: “School holidays bring a welcome increase in visitors and users of the much-used and loved community facilities at Willsbridge Mill.

“Sadly, they have once again also brought vandals to the site who seem to have no interest other than to damage those same facilities. The directors have already had to install comprehensive CCTV around the main Mill and coffee areas which clearly identify unwanted visitors to the site.

“We will now be extending our cameras across the wider site capable of identifying any anti-social behaviour.

“Sadly, this will incur considerable costs from our community company, which will have to be diverted from the maintenance, development and improvements of the existing area which we would otherwise be doing for the benefits of our local community, young and old alike.

“We have reported recent incidents to the police and will ask the community to do the same if they see people of any age damaging any of the woodlands or facilities in the valley.”

In the most recent incident a group of four youths caused damage to some outbuildings at approximately 8.30pm on Monday (7th August).

If you have any information about this incident, call 101, giving crime reference number 522319071. Alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.