Plans for ‘discreet’ 15-metre phone mast outside Kings Chase Shopping Centre

Cignal Infrastructure UK Ltd, better known as mobile network provider Three, wants to put a 15-metre phone mast in Regent Street in Kingswood.

The company has applied to South Gloucestershire Council to see whether prior approval will be required to erect the mast, which will have three cabinets, outside Iceland at Kings Chase Shopping Centre.

The company says that Three is in the process of building out the UK’s fastest 5G network and the site chosen is the only viable one in the “densely packed residential area”, adding: “There is no scope to pull the mast outside of this area and give the cell 5G coverage.”

It adds that the site selection has also been influenced by the surrounding vertical street furniture including street lamps, traffic lights, bus stops, and road signs.

The mast is described as being of an “extremely discreet, slimline design”.

The phone giant says the height has been kept down to the “absolute minimum” capable of providing the required essential new 5G coverage, saying it will not impact on pedestrians or affect the safety of passing motorists.

There is a certificate with the application to confirm the proposed mast meets International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection Certificate guidelines for public exposure.

The planning reference is P23/01990/PN1.