Keynsham Town Council remains under Lib Dem control

Keynsham Town Council’s election results have been published today following voting last Thursday. The council remains under Lib Dem control, there are no Tory councillors and the Green Party is represented for the first time.

Brian Simmons lost his Keynsham North seat for the Conservatives on Bath & North East Somerset Council as well as that ward on the town council. Tory Allan Sinclair also lost his Keynsham South seat. Independent Deb Cooper also failed to get re-elected.

There are now 11 Lib Dems, three Labour councillors and one Green on the town council.

In the Keynsham East ward, the successful candidates were Lib Dems Caitlin Brennan, Andy Wait, Hal MacFie, Clive Fricker (who had previously stood as an Independent) and Caroline Leonard.

In Keynsham North Lib Dems Souzan Alenshasy, Alex Beaumont, David Brassington, Martin Woodward were elected along with the Green Party’s Edmund Cannon.

In Keynsham South, David Biddleston, Martin Burton and Christopher Davis were elected for Labour along with Lib Dems Alan Greenfield and Andy Halliday.