Council monitors road changes near Mangotsfield recycling centre after reports of dangerous U-turns

The new entrance on Carsons Road

Some drivers heading for Mangotsfield Sort It recycling centre since the new slip road opened have been doing dangerous U-turns at the nearby traffic lights.

The new road layout opened on 9th March and South Gloucestershire Council says it is monitoring how the scheme is working.

There are now dedicated lanes for the recycling centre from the A4174 Ring Road and the Warmley/Siston direction but motorists coming along Carsons Road from Mangotsfield have to turn right at the traffic lights and drive down Carsons Road Link, around the A4174 Ring Road’s Siston Hill roundabout and then back up on the other side to access the new entrance. They used to be able to turn right into the old entrance in Carsons Road.

Some drivers have been seen doing U-turns at the traffic lights

Reports on social media have highlighted that some drivers are doing U-turns at the traffic lights to save time, and it has been suggested that bollards might prevent such manoeuvres.

One witness said: “This is crazy, dangerous and held up all the traffic behind them on those lights who just wanted to turn right. Surely this isn’t being left like this?”

A spokesperson for South Gloucestershire Council told us: “The slip road has been built to reduce the impact of queuing traffic on Carsons Road which had a knock-on effect on the local road network at busy times.

“The slip road opened on 9th March and people are currently adapting to the new layout. As part of the scheme, we are carrying out monitoring and will conduct further reviews over the coming weeks.

“There is no right turn into the Sort It recycling centre from Mangotsfield and new road signs and markings are in place to guide traffic through the updated layout.

“Residents travelling from Mangotsfield must use the roundabout on the A4174 Ring Road to access the new site entrance. Alternatively, they can join the Ring Road at another junction, such as Shortwood or Warmley/Kingswood.”