MPs get satirical blue plaques to highlight water pollution 

Protesters against the dumping of raw sewage and other pollutants into the River Avon and other local waterways have installed satirical blue plaques  this weekend.

Members of Extinction Rebellion, local health professionals and a group of cold water synchronised swimmers put up blue plaques around Bristol Harbour and  the River Frome  and there was a theatrical unveiling in Conham River Park by a parody of North East Somerset MP Jacob Rees-Mogg as part of the national day of action yesterday.

The plaques highlight the Government’s continued failure to tighten environmental regulations and stop profit-grabbing by water companies.

Locally the plaques mentioned Mr Rees-Mogg as well as Thornbury & Yate MP Luke Hall who along with 265 other Conservative MPs in October 2021 voted down an amendment that would have required water companies to “demonstrate improvements in the sewage systems and progressive reductions in the harm caused by untreated sewage discharges”.

The Dirty Water Bristol campaign targeted Jacob Rees-Mogg and Luke Hall because they represent constituencies with rivers that ultimately flow through Bristol.

Campaigners say they are planning to unveil more blue plaques including in Bath & North East Somerset.