Save Stockwood Post Office petition is launched

A petition has been started to save Stockwood Post Office which is under threat of closure.

McColl’s store in Hollway Road, where the post office is based, will close early in the new year.

Local councillors Graham Morris and Jonathan Hucker have been lobbying the city council, Post Office Ltd and alternative retailers in an effort to ensure that Stockwood residents are not left without easy access to essential community facilities.

There is no bank in Stockwood so the post office is the only option to deposit and withdraw money from savings account, to deposit cheques, as well as other Post Office facilities such as post and parcels.

Councillors Graham Morris & Jon Hucker

This week Cllr Morris has started an online petition and paper petitions are appearing in local shops.

3,500 signatures are needed to get the matter debated at the full meeting of Bristol City Council on 13th December.

The petition calls on Post Office Ltd to work with local councillors and Bristol City Council to find a replacement site in Hollway Road to host a branch.

It says: “The closure of the McColl’s convenience store will leave the current post office with no premises; many people – particularly the old and vulnerable – will not have easy access to important services.  It is vital that this amenity is not lost to our community.

“Post offices still have a special place in people’s lives, and we desperately need to keep a vibrant high street. The threatened outlet is crucial not only due to the social aspects it provides but also for the economic benefits this brings to our main suburban retail centre.  Please help us to keep post office counters local.”

Here are some of the reasons given by people who have so far signed the online petition:

“It’s ridiculous not having a local post office in an area this size especially when a lot of elderly live here who do not have access to their own transport and public transport is increasingly unreliable.”

“Our post office is essential, especially as our bus service is horrendous, which means we are not able to travel elsewhere, couple that with the restriction on our cars as from Monday , we are done for.”

“This is the last financial hub in the area, including the services a PO provides. Unless you have a car or are prepared to catch an unreliable bus to another area, the elderly, vulnerable and many other ordinary people will have no access to these facilities.”