Wick developer appeals to Secretary of State over controversial fence

The developer wanting to build 22 homes on Green Belt land in Wick has appealed to the Secretary of State after being ordered by South Gloucestershire Council to take down a 2.4 metre high fence.

In Issue 746 we reported that Wick Land Ltd had come under fire for starting work on the site to the south of High Street/Church Road even though no decision had yet been taken by the council over the outline planning application for 14 four-bed houses along with three three-bed houses, three two-bed flats and two one-bed flats. A decision on that is still pending.

Issuing an enforcement notice, the council said the wooden fencing, a gate and supporting structure were harmful to the character and appearance of the area. Development within the Green Belt is strictly limited and the council said the fencing is “inappropriate and negatively impacts the openness of the Green Belt”.

The developer was given until 21st October to remove it unless they planned to appeal.

An appeal process is now under way.

The plans for 22 homes have raised concerns locally about the land being in the Green Belt and on a flood plain and about the impact on a Site of Nature Conservation Interest. There is also concern about the extra traffic that would be generated.

The developer says the site is part of the village as there is built development on three sides, and any harm to the Green Belt would be “very limited”. The application includes a new car park to help with the management of visitors to the nearby Golden Valley Nature Reserve.

The council’s transport officer has said there isn’t enough information to assess the suitability of the access, and that the proposal lacks a safe and suitable walking route between the on-site car park and nature reserve.

The Environment Agency has objected, saying there is no acceptable flood risk assessment.