Outstanding rating for Keynsham Health Centre  

Keynsham Health Centre has been rated as Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission.

The centre in St Clements Road is run by HCRG Care Services Ltd, formerly known as Virgin Care, and works in partnership with the NHS and local authorities.

The centre is one of five bases in the Bath & North East Somerset  area that provides community health and care services for adults by looking after their physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Inspectors, whose report was published this month, said that services were tailored to meet the needs of individuals and delivered in a way to ensure flexibility, choice and continuity of care.

The involvement of other organisations and the local community was integral to how services were planned and ensured that they met patients’ needs.

Team leaders monitored the effectiveness of the service and made sure staff were competent. When the service had staff vacancies, they used regular bank and agency staff to maintain care for patients that kept them safe.

The report said: “Staff treated patients with compassion and kindness, respected their privacy and dignity, took account of their individual needs, and helped them understand their conditions. They provided emotional support to patients, families and carers. The patients we spoke with were happy with their care and described the service as ‘excellent’ and ‘caring’.”

Leaders encouraged cooperative, supportive relationships among staff so that they felt respected, valued and supported.