Keynsham man convicted of raping woman he met on a dating website

A 59-year-old man from Keynsham has been found guilty of raping a woman he met on a dating website.

At Salisbury Crown Court on Thursday the jury returned a unanimous verdict after an hour and a half of deliberation in the trial of Malcolm Compton, of Carpenters Lane.

The court had earlier heard how Compton had initially met his victim on the dating website in September 2020 and had been communicating online for about a week before they agreed to meet in person. Compton’s victim made it clear that she was seeking companionship and that she just wanted to be friends.

But almost immediately after moving in, he began to pressure her into sexual activity and exercise controlling behaviour.  On 11th September 2020 Compton went on to rape her. His victim reported the offence to Wiltshire Police the following day.

Following the conviction, Detective Constable Jeremy Horner said: “I would like to pay tribute to the victim in this case for her bravery in reporting this despicable crime and supporting us in our subsequent investigation – during which she has shown real inner strength and dignity throughout.

“Compton, in carrying out this attack, showed a callous disregard for the physical and emotional damage that he inflicted on his victim who was simply seeking companionship. He exercised controlling behaviour over her almost from the moment they met and decided to callously ignore her repeated requests to leave her alone in order to satisfy his own desire. “

Following the verdict, Judge Barnett warned Compton that he should expect a substantial sentence for his crime.

Compton is due to appear for sentencing before Winchester Crown Court on 18th March.

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