‘Extreme heat’ knocks out traffic lights on throughabout

The hot weather is being blamed for the traffic lights on the throughabout at Warmley not working.

Today a spokesperson for South Gloucestershire Council said: “Highways engineers from our StreetCare team have been working to resolve an issue affecting the traffic signals at the throughabout on the A4174, which has been caused by the extreme heat we’ve experienced over the past two days.

“The lights are now operational, but we will be monitoring them closely to ensure the issue does not return.”

One of our  readers, Chris Durant, said that at around 2.50am yesterday he was bringing his son back from Bristol Airport and came across the throughabout with the traffic lights not working and needed  to turn right, which involved filtering off left to then go around and across six lanes to get to Warmley.

He said: “We are both experienced drivers but both felt it was pretty frightening to cross. After dropping him off, I came back onto it, turning left, Thank goodness as a car flew along the dual carriageway at around 70mph straight though it. I couldn’t really blame them as if they are not from around here, then to them they are just continuing on a dual carriageway not knowing there are supposed to be lights. If it was a roundabout it wouldn’t matter if there were lights or not.

“I can’t believe South Gloucestershire Council could be so negligent as it could have led to a multi-car accident and many deaths.”