Spotlight on Bristol Pride Day

Bristol Pride took over the city centre on Saturday with colour, music and celebration.

This was the first time the parade march had taken place since 2019. A diversity of communities came together in support of LGBTQIA+ rights and they turned up in their thousands.

The parade began at 10.45am with the march circling around Cabot Circus to the Harbourside near Bristol Aquarium.

There was a plethora of signs made by marchers declaring things such as: ‘Love is a Human Right’ and ‘Trans Rights Now’.

Sign makers explained to me that “Pride is a protest. It’s a chance for us to voice the changes we feel need to be made by the wider community.”

After the march, Bristol Pride hosted a festival on the Downs which had a variety of entertainment for all ages, from cabaret to silent discos. The festival also featured the new Get Qweird stage hosted by the up-and-coming group House of Savalon, a collective of talented queer performers such as Astro-Zencia, Roux and Paykubi who have been known for their bold and powerhouse performances across the queer scene in Bristol.

All in all, Bristol Pride was a day to remember for many and will be back next year in July.

Kamui Oshino