High energy at Keynsham Music Festival

Friday night at Keynsham Music Festival was filled with high energy and great music, from the beautiful voice of St Opia to the reggae legends that are Da Fuchaman and the Fire Blaze Band. 

St Opia kicked things off with a mix of covers that she made her own. Her warm presence brought joy to everyone, with the crowd singing along.

The main act of the night, Da Fuchaman, supported by the Fire Blaze Band, were up next and instantly the music tent filled with people rushing to dance. Da Fuchaman expressed how great it was to be back in Keynsham with the crowd that has the best energy.

The night left everyone in high spirits.

The arts and music festival continues this weekend with a family festival today and Party in the Park tomorrow. Find out more on the festival website.

Sophie Mead

Thanks to John Aldridge for the pictures