The Original Factory Shop in Staple Hill to close

The Original Factory Shop (TOFS) in Staple Hill is to close down next month.

There have been rumours circulating in the last couple of weeks that the store, which sells a variety of products under one roof, would be closing.

The closure date  is 15th July.

A TOFS spokesperson told us: “As the landlord is looking to redevelop this site, it means that unfortunately we have had to exit the lease at our Staple Hill store. We are seeking to redeploy colleagues that have been affected wherever possible. Our next nearest branch is in Nailsea.”

TOFS  had previously been threatened with closure in 2018 after the landlord served notice, but won a reprieve.

The latest announcement has been greeted with dismay on social media with speculation that it is going to be turned into a gym.

One person commented: “Oh no, what a loss to the high street, we need shops please, not gyms.”

That view was echoed by many including this comment: “Another gym? There’s one right across the road for crying out loud!”

One person observed: “Such a handy shop! They were advertising for staff not so long ago! Nowhere in Staple Hill to buy clothes or shoes now, only charity shops.”

Others praised the  kind and helpful staff and one person commented: “Sadly I think it won’t be long till the high street is a ghost town.”