Extinction Rebellion hold rally in Keynsham


Supporters and members of Extinction Rebellion marched through Keynsham on Saturday.

The rally began at the bandstand in Memorial Park where the crowd were joined by speakers including Dan Norris, the Metro Mayor, and Dr Gail Bradbrook, co- founder of Extinction Rebellion.

Spurring them was concern over the recent words of local MP Jacob Rees-Mogg who stated that “every last drop of oil” should be extracted from the North Sea.

This conflicts with a report from the International Energy Agency from May 2021 that stated there could be no new oil or gas fields or coalmines if the world is to reach net zero by 2050.

At the front of the march, a street theatre group “drowning in oil” gave a shocking performance where three young actors had ‘oil’ poured into their mouths and proceeded to collapse on the floor.

Life-size effigies of Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson were in the crowd.

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