Meet the country music star from Whitchurch

Taynee Lord

Taynee Lord is the sensational country artist from Whitchurch.

Aged just 24, Taynee recently released a number one hit in the UK iTunes country music charts.

Taynee describes her early influence coming from her nan’s love of Dolly Parton. On Taynee’s 10th birthday she saw the country music legend live and believes her singing voice was influenced from listening to Dolly’s music at such a young age. From the age of 15 she would sing in local jazz venues where she would be asked by audiences if she was a country singer due to the natural twang in her singing voice.

Taynee began writing her own songs and eventually brought local musicians together to form Taynee and the Crookes. Although a musician herself, Taynee wanted a full band of musicians for recording and live performances. She held local auditions for musicians to form the band.

None of the musicians had previously known each other before but they have now been together for just under four years. They perform with other musicians at country music nights in Bristol. Their hope is to create a bigger country music community in the local area, bringing the genre to a younger generation.

Taynee also works in the media industry as a crew member or cast member for local productions. Among the band’s accomplishments is performing for Glastonbury Festival founder Michael Eavis and they are  looking forward to playing at a multitude of festivals this summer.

Taynee and the Crookes will be performing at Keynsham Festival on Sunday 3rd July.

Kamui Oshino