Campaign to include Ring Road in national trial targeting ‘boy racers’

Government ministers are being asked to include a stretch of the A4174 Ring Road in a national ‘noise camera’ trial to catch drivers who race along the dual carriageway in illegally modified vehicles.

The bid to join the pilot, which is searching for Britain’s noisiest streets to benefit, is being led by MP Chris Skidmore and Cllr Sam Bromiley to help people in Warmley, Barrs Court and Hanham who are fed up with the noise of loud engines and exhausts of vehicles tearing up and down the Ring Road.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has declared he wants to “banish the boy racer” and has announced a trial of acoustic camera technology. It can automatically detect when vehicles are breaking legal noise requirements, helping provide police and local authorities with the tools and evidence to take action against inconsiderate drivers who flout noise laws.

Mr Skidmore and Cllr Bromiley, whose Parkwall & Warmley ward includes Barrs Court, have been working with the police to tackle the problem who have existing powers, including the ability to issue fines, but have trouble gathering evidence despite increasing surveillance.

Cllr Bromiley said: “I hope these innovative noise cameras will provide evidence for police to take action against rowdy motorists, helping communities to enjoy peaceful public and residential spaces. These inconsiderate and reckless drivers have long been an issue within the community with the noise pollution they create no doubt having a detrimental impact on hardworking people’s lives, as well as disrupting sleep for so many people.”

Mr Skidmore said: “By submitting this bid to Government, our aim is to clamp down on this nuisance. I will be pressing ministers to consider our area for inclusion in this national trial.”

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