Keynsham flats to be demolished and site redeveloped by Curo

Housing association Curo has announced its intention to demolish and redevelop a block of 44 maisonettes at Tintagel Close in Keynsham, following a prolonged period of consultation with residents of the estate.

Curo says it has been working with residents at Tintagel Close since 2018 to understand the work that would be needed to upgrade the 1960s buildings and provide homes that are suitable for the future.

Initially it was believed that homes at Tintagel Close could be refurbished while the residents remained in their homes. However, following more detailed surveys as well as new government legislation on fire and building safety and energy efficiency, Curo decided to re-evaluate the project. It was decided that the demolition and redevelopment of Tintagel Close would be the best long-term solution.

Curo chief executive Victor da Cunha said: “The decision to proceed with the redevelopment of Tintagel Close was taken after careful consideration of all the options and following extensive consultation with residents who live there. It was always going to be impractical and extremely difficult to achieve the future standards of housing we, as a society, aspire towards – particularly from an environmental point of view – while the residents remained in their homes, and given the construction of the existing building. Our ambition now is to continue to engage with local residents to design homes that are fit for the future – homes that will be high quality in the broadest sense and that will fit in with their surroundings”.

Curo says it has been supporting residents at Tintagel Close over the past few months to find new homes in the local area and so far, 22 families have moved to a new property they have chosen.

Mr da Cunha said: “We’ve put in place a complete support package for residents at Tintagel Close, including a dedicated liaison officer, funds to cover their moving costs and a one-off home loss payment. We will continue to work with families at Tintagel Close to help them find a new home they like, as we start to look to the future of the estate.”

Curo is now asking the local community to help shape plans for a future development. To take part, residents are invited to fill in a short survey at by Sunday 5th June

The feedback will help Curo design proposals for the site over the next few months. A second public consultation in the winter will give local residents the opportunity to view and comment on the specifics of the project, including the number and appearance of homes and other details such as parking arrangements.

Curo says it will use this further feedback to refine any proposals with a view to submit a planning application to Bath & North East Somerset Council early next year and residents living near the site and the wider community will be kept informed.

Mr da Cunha said: “Our aim is to provide new affordable homes that meet local needs and integrate well within the existing neighbourhood. We’d really like to hear from residents at Tintagel Close and the local community in Keynsham about the future of this estate so we can understand what is important to them and use this knowledge in the design process.”

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