Sort It centre at Mangotsfield remains closed after ‘accidental’ fire

The Sort It Centre at Mangotsfield will remain closed today and tomorrow after yesterday’s fire, the cause of which is believed to be accidental.

During the incident at the Carsons Road site, local residents were advised to keep their windows and doors closed due to smoke in the area.

Avon Fire & Rescue Service says that crews from Kingswood, Hicks Gate, Temple, Yate, Portishead, Southmead, Pill and Avonmouth  stations were mobilised at 10.50am yesterday to reports of a blaze at the centre.

Firefighters used two 45mm jets, two high pressure hose reels and multiple thermal imaging cameras to extinguish the blaze. Twelve firefighters wore breathing apparatus for safety. The service drone was also in use to check the severity of the blaze.

Picture: Avon Fire & Rescue Service

Positive pressure ventilation fans were used to clear smoke logging from the building. Mechanical machinery was used on site to dig out materials to extinguish the flames.

In total, 10 fire engines, the drone unit and the welfare unit attended the scene.

In a statement today South Gloucestershire Council said:: “The site will remain closed to the public today and tomorrow while electrical and structural surveys are carried out. We’ll update information about reopening the site once we know the results.

“Our recycling collection vehicles will continue to unload at the site, as the area they use is on the other side of the yard and safe to access.”

The recycling centres at Yate, Thornbury and Little Stoke are all open, but the council warns they are likely to be busier and there are restrictions in place at the smaller site in Little Stoke.

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The site remains closed to the public today

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